A selection of bicycles to match every cyclist are available for rent by the hour or day. Explore the beautiful shore of Lake Erie along the dedicated bike path in Geneva State Park, or cruise the resort "Strip" from Indian Creek to the Marina.

Starts at $5 per hour.
Visit pricing for more options!


Golf Carts

Golf carts are available at the Zone and are FULLY LICENSED vehicles to provide quick and easy transportation in and among all of the Strip's attractions between the Lodge and Township park. Drivers and renters must be over 21, have a valid driver's license, and a CREDIT (not debit) card (or cash) for deposit. Rented by the hour or full day.

Starts at $19 per hour.
Visit pricing for more options!



Families and couples rent can our rent single, double, and 4-person surries to explore the strip or Geneva State Park. Rent by the hour and discover every nook and cranny of our own Geneva on the Lake resort. Valid adult driver's license and deposit required.

$15 per hour.