Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adventure Zone have a dress code?

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times except as noted below. Close toed shoes are required for both the Strike Zone Batting Cages as well as for Zip Zone Zip line.  To play in the Adventure Krawl, children must be potty trained, out of diapers and able to walk on their own.  Rock climbers may climb with shoes or bare footed but NOT with flip-flops. Clothing items that display offensive terms, and pictures, etc. that could be interpreted as threatening are strictly prohibited. These items include but are not limited to: profanity, obscene gestures, obscene statements, pictures or drawings of illegal substances, motorcycle colors, insignias of paramilitary groups or organizations, and gang related items/insignias on clothing. Additionally, any clothing, costumes, or disguises that conceal the identity of a guest are prohibited.

Adventure Zone reserves the right to refuse admission to or ask any guest who refuses to comply with their dress code described above to leave the park. 

Does Adventure Zone offer gift certificates?

Gift Certificates are available in almost any denominations for any amount you wish. Visit the Arcade ticket counter or call the Zone during the season at 440-466-3555 or in the off season at 440-466-4447. The certificates may be used for any attraction or food item at the park. Certificates must be used in their entirety at the time of redemption. Cash or credits cannot be given back for any unused portion of a certificate.

Does Adventure Zone offer reduced rates for large groups?

Adventure Zone offers great discounted packages to groups of 20 or more.  Our pavilion is available for groups including day camps, youth organizations and company outings.  We offer a wide range of family foods in our snack shop.  With pre arranged groups of 20 or more arrangements must be made with the managementbefore any outside food can be brought into the park.  There is no charge to reserve the pavilion for groups of 20 or more.

Are there height, weight parameters or other safety limitations?

Height and weight parameters are established by attraction manufacturers and are state mandated. Adventure Zone is proud of it safety record and adheres strictly to these limitations.

  • Go karts: Riders must wear shirt and shoes, be at least 58 inches tall and have long hair tied up. One child may ride with a parent or licensed driver as long as they are at least 3 years old and as minimum of 30 pounds. Two adults may not ride together.  
  • Bumper boats: All must wear shirt and shoes, be at least 44 inches tall and carry a total maximum weight of 450 pounds. One or two small children may ride with a parent or licensed driver as long as they are 3 years of age, under 44 inches tall and can fit comfortably into the side seats. 
  • Bungee tramp: All must wear shirt and shoes, be at least 44 inches tall, fit well into the harnesses and be a minim of 30 pounds and a maximum of 220 pounds.  
  • Rock and Wall: All must wear shirt and shoes, be at least 44 inches tall and fit well into the harnesses and a minimum of 30 pounds and a maximum of 220 pounds. A waiver must be signed to climb the Rock.
  • Merry go round: Any child under 44 inches tall must be accompanied by a parent or adult at least 18 years of age.
  • Batting cages: All must wear a helmet, shirt and closed toed shoes [no sandals or flip flops].  
  • Golf course: Adventure Zone, for the safety of all does not permit medal head golf clubs on the course. 
  • Krawl: Children must wear socks and a shirt, be potty trained with no diapers, able to walk unassisted on their own and be under 58 inches tall. 
  • Zipline: Flyers must be at least 44 inches tall, 50 pounds, no more than 275 pounds and fit comfortably into the harnesses. A waver must be signed.

Are there storage lockers available to rent?

Small box lockers are available for rental in the Arcade and in the Zip Zone zip line shack . The rental fee is just $.25 per opening (1 quarter). Items may NOT be left in lockers overnight. Lockers are made available to provide our guests with a safe, secure area to store items that they do not wish to carry around the park during their visit. We cannot permit guests to use chairs, booths, and tables in our dining area to be used as places to leave such items.  Our team members may NOT hold or watch any items for our guests.

Where is Lost and Found?

All items found or turned into the Adventure Zone office. If guests lose an item during a visit to Adventure Zone they should inquire about the item at the front register.  Guests will be asked to identify the item before it will be returned to them.

Is outside food and beverage permitted on the property?

Guests are NOT permitted to bring outside food or beverages into the park. Adventure Zone offers a snack bar with a wide range of family friendly food items. 

Is there a parking charge?

Parking is free at Adventure Zone – except during certain holiday weekends or Geneva on the Lake special event weekends when we charge a $10 fee which is FULLY APPLICABLE to any Adventure Zone food items, bating cages or rides in the park. The $10 voucher is NOT applicable to games in the Arcade.

Spaces are reserved for “Handicap Parking” are conveniently located and marked adjacent to the Arcade entrance. We strongly recommend that all vehicles be locked and valuables not be left in view in the passenger portion of your vehicle.  Adventure Zone is not responsible for any items lost from vehicles in our parking lot. 

Are pets permitted on the property?

Dogs on a leash are permitted but owners must make sure to clean up after their pets. No pets may be left in cars in our parking lot.

Does Adventure Zone have a rain and inclement weather policy?

In order to offer a safe experience for our guests and team members, Adventure Zone reserves the right to temporarily close specific attractions during rainy periods. The Zip line closes when high winds are registered on our wind anemometer and/or when thunder is heard and lightning is seen. All other outdoor attractions remain open as long as it is safe to do so.

Attractions will be reopened as soon at is safe to do so.  In the interim, the Arcade with more than 100 games, the snack shop and indoor Krawl remain open for guests as they await the end of the rain or threatening weather passes.   

We do not offer refunds, but will provide, at the discretion management, rain checks which are good any time in the future.  

Are recreational wheels permitted on property?

The use of roller skates, roller blades, scooters, bicycles, tricycles, healies/wheelies, and skate boards are not permitted anywhere on the Adventure Zone property. For guests riding a bicycle to the Park, we have bike racks located in front of the Arcade entrance. Adventure Zone cannot be held responsible for the safety of these items while you are in the Park. It is strongly suggested that you secure your bike with a good quality locking devise to the rack. 

Is smoking permitted on property?

For the comfort of all of our guests smoking is prohibited on Adventure Zone property. 

Are strollers permitted on property?

Guests are invited to use their own strollers while at the Park but Adventure Zone cannot be responsible for strollers left unattended.

Is Wi-Fi available?

Adventure Zone offers FREE Wi-Fi service to our guests. The Wi-Fi area is located inside the Arcade. This service is designed for guests and parents to use while their children are enjoying the Park